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Chalcedony- Rose/Pink Limbcast
Chalcedony- Mineralogically, chalcedony is the name for a group of quartz varieties with compact, microcrystalline silicate structure.  The types of rocks found under the chalcedony heading which are agates, jaspers, onyx, carnelian, chrysoprase, bloodstone and flint.  Chalcedonies could equally be listed under jasper or agate, however they are usually classified commercially as a form of chalcedony.  Chalcedony cannot be praised highly enough as a family of stones of great mystical power.  Chalcedony is a Healer in the Spiritual Apothecary.  

Rose - These stones are good to place in dishes of water or fountains to cleanse the environment as well as provide an indefinable pleasant aroma.  The water should be replaced weekly.  If placed in a sickroom, the water can be changed as frequently as twice a day (cancer) to every two days (minor operations).  This mineral is especially attuned to the female physical body, and for healing disturbances regarding one's sexuality, if it is creating conflict in the individual.  It is a pleasant meditation-companion stone which will activate a variety of subtle forces. (4th and auric chakras)

Limbcast- is pink chalcedony which formed inside a tree limb cast, and the outside exhibits fossil markings of the limb.  It is an energizer turned to the subtle body or chakra system.  in meditation, the stone promotes physical rest and auric stimulation.  It is excellent for creative, meditative work. (4th and auric chakras)
Item #169

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