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Pyrite Cube
Pyrite "Fools Gold"
Pyrite- is iron sulfide. The ancients used this mineral as a fire starter and as mirror. It is called "fool's gold," because it is often mistaken in the field by novices as gold. Iron pyrite will give off sparks when struck with another stone. It stimulates the entire cardiovascular system, and its particular impact on the throat area hints at its assistance with communication and a friendly exchange of words. It bears a natural symbolic connection to the sun, especially in the "dollar" variety. It is a mundane embodiment of spirit energy on the physical level, and is often useful for children who are easily connected to the spirit realm, because it enables them to make stronger physical connection. It is normally the first stone preferred by metaphysical novices for grounding spirit energy to the body, however its simplicity makes pyrite perennially applicable and useful. (1st, 4th, 5th and 7th chakra)
Item #8765

Price $2.00 

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