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Calcite- green, blue, orange
Calcite- is calcium carbonate, the basic building block of skeletons and exoskeletons which we know as shells.  Calcite can form in literally hundreds of crystalline structures, an unknown capacity in any other type of mineral.  It is also a mineral which rounds naturally when it weathers leading to the rounded character of living organisms.  The calcite family expresses itself in many colors from clear and white through deep orange and brown, usually in massive form.  Clear rhombohedrans exhibit a light characteristic called double refraction.  Calcium and calcite minerals hold a feminine vibration, and calcite is the ombudstone from minerals to life.  Just as crows are want-to-be-hawks, many minerals want-to-be calcite.  That is because calcite alone represents the central axis round which all else revolves.  It can be thought of as the umbilical cord of minerals.  In the forms of marble and limestone, calcite achieves equally remarkable capabilities.  All forms of calcite are etheric cleansers, and they are located in that category in the Spiritual Apothecary.  All forms of calcite (including limestone and especially marble)  facilitate and respond to sound.  The use of  marble or limestone as a temple or sacred structure building material is important in facilitating altered states of consciousness, healing, the maintenance of life force over time, shapeshifting and time travel.  Chanting, toning and singing in these structures creates the frequencies necessary for all these manifestations to occur.  Stan Tenen, a mathematician who studies patterns in the Hebrew text of Genesis, says the Great Pyramid of Giza was such a structures, and at one time, the limestone blocks visible today were capped with marble which was removed to rebuild the mosques of Cairo after earthquakes.  He believes a smaller version of the Great Pyramid could be built to test his hypothesis that the pyramid is a shapeshifting and time travel device activated by sound.

Green calcite - is called "the joy stone," as its tantalizing vibration feels immediately pleasing.  It aids heart and lung issues.  This is definitely a stone for hard workers, especially those who do jobs of drudgery for others, such as house cleaners, maids, dish washers, garbage collectors, etc.  It is a stone which brings in the Buddhist regard for all activities of man being equal in importance and stature, especially when done with grace and a smile.  It is a mineral of the ecstatic state, and is a perfect exemplar of the injunction, " Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."  (4th chakra)
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