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Fluorite- Yttrium

Fluorite- is calcium fluoride.  It is often found in pockets of shale in coal miens.  Most commonly, fluorite is found in a range of colors from white or clear through purple, green, blue, yellow and golden.  It can be flecked with pyrite, which is grounding and energizing.  Chakra influence depends on the color(s) of the specimen.  Fluorite brings higher states of purity into the physical plane.  It balances mental vibrations, in particular, because it reduces negative energy in the atmosphere.  Fluorite clears the mind of stress form fast-paced living.  It is an excellent mineral for use in the work place, around computers, in meditation areas and healing rooms, because fluorite reduces static, friction and tension.  every room of the house, as well as public spaces, benefit from the presence of fluorite.  It assists the physical body to actualize and open up to universal life force energy, and expands mental power.  Cubic clusters symbolize advanced technological states in harmony with universal principles.  The classic octahedron shape of fluorite's crystalline structure supports advancement of the individual in the modern world.  In blue, purple, golden and white colors, fluorite affects the head and chakras above the head. Fluorite requires no added measures for cleansing as it naturally repels negativity and toxins, acting as the "garlic" of minerals.  Place specimens at a distance from amethyst as fluorite is so effective at claring space, it reduces or tends to override the gentle soothing vibrations of amethyst when they are close together.  Fluorite strengthens the teeth and bones, and detoxifies the spleen, kidneys, appendix and gall bladder.  Fluorite is the state mineral of Illinois.  Because it does such a good job of clearing negativity and inducing safety, fluorite is placed in both the Etheric Cleanser and Opener categories of the Spiritual Apothecary. (chakra whole body)

Item #889

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