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Rhodochrosite- slab
Rhodochrosite- is a maganese carbonate classified in the calcite group.  It forms in light pink to fushia and white bands, and is mostly found in Argentina (which is the Spanish word for silver).  Rhodochrosite transmits high heart and emotional energies, and moves energies toroidally.  This means that heart chakra energies move in a dognut pattern up, to the side, down and back into the body in an unending flow.  This accelerates and integrates higher energies, which vibrate at lower frequencies, with lower energies, which vibrate at higher frequencies.  Rhodochrosite melds the upper triad (5th, 6th and 7th) of chakras through the heart (4th) with the lower chakra triad (1st, 2nd and 3rd).  This melding mixes spiritual and physical energies into a new form, neither one not the other, and the sum is definitely, clearly superior in experience to either experienced alone.  rhodochrosite is excelled only by mangoanocalcite in the ability to transmit loving tenderness.  Rhodocrosite serves the subtle body nearly exclusively, while mangoanocalcite bridges to the bones.  Rhodocrosite cleanses and amplifies the aura and other subtle bodies, and is listed in the Spiritual Apothecary under Auric Cleansers and Conditioners. (2nd through 4th chakras and subtle body). Item #152

Price $15.00 

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